Wastewater Treatment Equipment
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About Us

This is a website run by Purestream, Inc. located in Walton, KY. For over 40 years we have been providing municipalities, developers, industry, schools and mobile home parks with quality wastewater treatment plants and we are now proud to offer our quality replacement and maintenance parts in an online format that we hope you find to be a quick and efficient means to get your equipment back up and running.

On this website you can find replacement parts for Extended Aeration plants, Sequencing Batch Reactors, Rotating Biological Contactors, and BESST systems. We also sell parts for our line of In-Eko equipment including microscreen drum filters and screw screens. In addition, you can also find replacement parts and complete replacement units for your Sigma submersible mixer. Most of our replacement parts will work with any wastewater treatment plant equipment. Some items (blowers, motors, pumps, mixers and electrical components) may not be the same brand that you currently have, but will serve the same purpose. If you are not sure about a replacement part or item, please contact us at parts@purestreaminc.com or call 859-371-9898.

We look forward to serving you!