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Package Extended Aeration Treatment Plant The Purestream, Inc. AER-O-FLO Extended Aeration Package WWTP is the perfect solution for municipal strength wastewater requiring secondary treatment.

Package Plant sizes up to 0.100 MGD

Circular Field Erected Designs up to 1.5 MGD

The Sigma Low Speed Surface Aerator is by far the worlds most reliable and efficient surface aerator available. The first installation was put into operation in 1968 and has never been replaced.

Available in floating and fixed bridge models from 3 to 150 H.P.
Sigma Low Speed Surface Aerator

Package Rotating Biological Contactor The Purestream, Inc. Package Rotating Biological Contactor System provides primary, secondary, and/or advanced treatment in one complete package.

Package Plant sizes from 4200 to 112,000 GPD capacities


Purestream, Inc. was the first US Company to offer a Package Sequencing Batch Reactor back in 1987. With about 100 US installations Purestream is one of the leaders in SBR technology.

Advanced waste treatment systems in pre-fabricated steel or field erected steel or concrete tanks.

Package designs from 7,000 to 200,000 GPD

Built in place designs up to 1.5 MGD
Package Sequencing Batch Reactor