PES-FPP Floating Portable Pump

The Purestream ES, LLC Model PES-FPP Floating Portable Pump is well-suited to applications such as wet-well dewatering, emergency fire control in rural areas where a lake or pond may be the only source of water, and construction sites.

A powerful Honda GXV160 engine drives this rugged pump, capable of passing 20 mm solids. Due to the orientation of the pump inlet in regards to the floating housing, our Floating Portable Pump successfully operates in less than one inch of water. An adjustable throttle on the engine allows complete control over the rate at which water is pumped. At full throttle, the pump is capable of delivering and impressive 165 gpm at 45 feet TDH.

The Floating Portable Pump is 27” L x 21” W x 15” H and weighs only 62 pounds. Carrying handles make it easy for two people to move this pump quickly.

Also available is the Purestream ES, LLC Model PES-FSC Floating Sludge Collector. Made of the same high quality materials as the float, the Floating Sludge Collector is designed to cradle the Floating Portable Pump so it can be used to skim the surface. Perfect for removing floating liquids such as oil or gas from the water surface.

The Model PES-FPP Floating Portable Pump comes with:

  • Float, pump, and motor
  • 33 feet of hose with 2” male threaded hose barb
  • 2” female threaded hose barb as an extra
  • Spark plug wrench for easy maintenance
  • Honda engine instruction and maintenance booklet (Spanish Available)